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*Overland - Tape Storage

Overland Storage - NEO™ 2000E Library

Up to 384 TB capacity

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Features and Benefits
  • Up to 384 TB capacity*
  • 0-2 LTO-4, LTO-5, or LTO-6 drives
  • 30 slots
  • Expansion on demand
  • GbE options (iSCSI)

NEO 2000E Library sets the standard for high availability

The Overland NEO 2000E Library sets the standard for high availability by which all other libraries should be compared. Features such as NEO SERIES® LiveSwap tape drives and removable power supplies allow removal/replacement without interrupting the SCSI bus and/or power source, assuring that your backup/restore system is providing non-stop operation.

The NEO 2000E is designed to help you keep pace with your rapidly expanding data. Each module has 30 LTO-4/LTO-5 slots, providing up to 384 TB* of capacity and up to 13.8 TB/hr.* of performance.

Your resources consist of time, dollars and people. The NEO 2000E maximizes the use of those resources by providing quick and reliable backups/restores with a minimal amount of effort, at an affordable price. The NEO 2000E combines ease of use features, reliable trouble-free operation and affordability to provide you with the lowest cost of ownership.

Technical Specification

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