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*Overland - Tape Storage

Overland Storage - NEO™ 2000E Library

Up to 720TB capacity

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Features and Benefits
  • Effortlessly scale your storage capacity from 48TB to 720TB
  • Efficiently manage your backup and archive processes from anywhere in the world
  • Ensure data availability through redundant robotics and components
  • Keep your data secure with AES 256-bit encryption
  • Flexibly customize your capacity, performance, and connectivity to meet your needs

NEO 2000E Library sets the standard for high availability

Designed to address rapidly changing midrange storage requirements, the NEO 2000e embedded capabilities ensure your backups are faster, smarter, easier and more affordable.

This scalable, multi-modular design easily grows your business with configurations starting at 12TB and scaling up to 90TB within a single 5U module. Join multiple 2000e modules together (or mix and match with 4000e modules) to expand up to 720TB. AES 256-bit encryption maintains security, and broad connectivity support of SAS or FC ensures your NEO 2000e will flexibly integrate into your environment.

Technical Specification

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